26 September 2010

Vegan Brunch for Almost Anyone

The idea of Sunday brunch for me always involves eggs or dairy somehow. Bagels and cream cheese, pancakes, muffins, hash browns, French Toast, waffles, buttered toast, buttered biscuits, buttery grits, and of course eggs. But when a vegan ironically named Hambourger invited himself over to brunch, I knew I had consider the notorious meal anew.

It's a stressful time in the semester—one of those times when homework accumulates, deadlines loom, quizzes pop up, and time is squeezed like a Wagner soprano in a corset—pretty much the whole semester every semester. So I thought to myself, Self, why not make one of those sustaining meals that get you through all this tsores? Self amiably agreed, so we set to work.

This is a How to Feed Vegans Brunch post in case you suddenly find yourself hosting a vegan at brunch. Or you yourself are a vegan and suddenly find yourself making brunch. We made:

fresh orange juice squeezed from Valencia oranges
a fruit smoothie of soymilk, peaches, banana, and a single strawberry
hot squash cakes
left-over cooked collards, reheated in a fry pan with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

The whole squash and the collards were cooked the night before.
Although beautiful and tasty, this brunch had a down side: it was outrageously, in-your-face healthy. Also, by accident, kosher. You could probably feed it to almost anyone (although to make it gluten-free you would have to substitute some sort of GF binding agent for the flour in the squash cakes). Anyone except my mom, who hates smoothies; for her I would just cut up some good fruit.

Has anyone else fed brunch to a vegan? How did it go? Details, please.

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Merut said...

This looks easy, healthy, filling, and delicious. I have not fed brunch (or any other meal) to a vegan yet, but I feel it is bound to happen eventually. . .

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