23 September 2010

Sandwich News

Guys, I have the most amazing news to share with you. I just invented a restaurant-level sandwich by accident! That is to say, this is a sandwich I would prominently feature at Sarah's Tasty Time Sandwich Shop along with…let's continue the fantasy…my Gourmet Artichoke Mushroom Sandwich of Love, Mom's Picnic Sandwich, and the always controversial Tempeh Reuben. Wow. I'm sad that I only have 4 fancy vegetarian sandwiches in my repetoire. I need more! If you have some recipes for great sandwiches I could sell with dignity at the Tasty Time, please let me know.
My new sandwich could easily be made gluten-free by switching out the bread; vegan by substituting soy yogurt; or carnivorous by substituting canned baby seal for the eggplant. Whatever revs your engine, pal.

Patlican Avocado Sandwich

sturdy, nutritious bread or pita
half or 1/3 delicious fresh avocado slices
4 pieces of patlican (lemony eggplant)
Everyfood Yogurt Sauce

1. Layer on bread or stuff in pita the avocado and patlican.
2. Drizzle on Everyfood Yogurt Sauce.
3. Smush together so it's mouth-sized.
4. Use your teeth and stomach acids to reduce it to intestine-sized.

1 comment:

Sweet And Crumby said...

YUM! THanks for the restaurant style sand...Love the TITLE! :) You need pics!

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