09 January 2010

Squash Cakes, a tasty treat

Squash. Winter squash. I never liked it much until I had the Japanese kind, kabocha. Then I realized that buttercup squash in the U.S. is almost exactly the same as kabocha. But I was still cold to those old American standbys, acorn and butternut squash, until yesterday. Yesterday George said to me, "I'm making a tasty treat."
"What tasty treat?"
"You'll see."

Last night George cooked butternut squash the usual way, sliced lengthwise in half, seeds scooped out, and face down in a half-inch of water in a baking dish. He cooked it a long time at 375, then took it out, covered the cut side with butter and brown sugar, and cooked them face up 5 minutes at 400 degrees. He found it delicious and ate almost the entire squash himself—once he saw that I didn't like it. But he saved just enough for the next morning, to mash up and mix with all-purpose flour and ground pepper. He formed the mixture into patties and fried them but good.

"These are tasty treats," I admitted.
George smiled smugly.

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