14 October 2010

Hummus Burrito

To a vegetarian, a hummus wrap is one of the Boring Sandwiches of the Universe. At delis Vegetarians always get offered hummus wraps laden with poor-quality hummus and tasteless vegetables. And if the wraps are cold—and they're always cold because apparently vegetarians only care about health, not taste or texture—they crack and break. Cold flour tortillas taste like Styrofoam or sun-dried tomato-flavored Styrofoam. Yeah, I can see you nodding; you U.S. vegetarians know exactly what I mean.

Well, don't take that nonsense anymore. I invented this hummus burrito the other day when I woke up an hour late for school and had only 2 minutes to pack my lunch. Since then I have enjoyed several variations on this theme. It's filling and quick, vegan and moderately healthy. It does however require a microwave.

At Costco I bought a huge pack of the Flatout flatbread pictured left plus many wasteful containers of Sabra hummus for extra portability. Plus a large jar of really good miniature pickles.

Hummus Burrito

1 Whole-grain wrap or flat bread of your choice--just make sure it doesn't have any hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oil in it because that stuff will never leave your body and it is quite bad for you and also it makes everything taste old.
Some hummus you actually like (my favorite brand is Sabra)
Cold leftover rice of your choice
Optional filling

1. Lay wrap on a plate.
2. Smear hummus all over one side of the wrap.
3. Spoon on rice of your choice.
4. Microwave it until hot or warm.
5. If you have a filling, add it now. It could be pickles, broccoli, tomato, chopped fruit, falafel, leftover salad, dried cranberries, tofu, some salsa, grilled onions, etc.
6. Roll it up. Eat.

If you are packing your lunch for later, put the rice on the bottom of your snapware container/ bento box, fold the tortilla on top. Bring the hummus and utensil in separate containers. Then when you reach a microwave and plate, simply assemble according to the directions above.

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Merut said...

I've never put rice in my wrap. That's a great idea. I also like how you serve it warm. Thanks!

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