24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! George and I are hosting this year and we are making:

blue cheese autumn salad
cucumber spears with lime and cilantro
green beans tossed in vinaigrette with carmelized shallots
2 kinds of mashed potatoes--whipped with butter and milk and vegan garlic rosemary
Julia's Buttery Vegetarian stuffing
shiitake mushroom gravy
2 kinds of cranberry sauce, 1 straight from the can
Julia's clover leaf rolls
(our guests are making a turkey and maybe turkey gravy)
Julia's pumpkin pie
Julia's pecan pie
mulled cider

We'll see which foods people enjoy the most. Feel free to share your vegetarian Thanksgiving plans in the comments! Ha ha, just kidding, I know you are all cooking.

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