28 March 2009

Green Beans à la Sarah

I made premium quality green beans last night without a recipe. This sort of inspired success is so unusual for me that I thought you might like to share in the magnificent results. No one really ate them because unbeknownst to me everyone had eaten at Anna Liffey's before coming home for Shabbat dinner. Once they realized how superlative my green beans were, they rued their noshing, but TOO LATE. Their bellies were full and thus I have gotten to snack lazily on leftovers all day. I can confirm that even the next day the green beans are still the very most elegant and impressive green beans I have ever made.

Along with the green beans, the rest of the meal that I ate by myself while everyone watched was: leftover Red Lentil Soup, steamed cubed sweet potatoes, sliced red pepper, and Israeli Couscous with Peas and Corn. It all went together quite well. Well done me, making a successful meal at last, just in time for nobody to care.

Green Beans à la Sarah

green beans, ends broken off, washed
white wine vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
freshly ground black pepper
1 shallot, peeled, chopped

Steam green beans until soft but not mushy. I don't like it when they squeak against my teeth; I'd cook it about 2 more minutes. However I have it on the best authority that others really enjoy the tooth-squeaking. Drain and toss immediately with some oil and vinegar. Meanwhile, saute shallot in oil with salt and pepper. When turning golden, remove and put on top of green beans.

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Anonymous said...

Aww such a poor unappreciated cook! Do I sense someone growing bitter? Someday we'll open a cute little costal cafe and serve our customers whatever crazy thing we feel like.

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