31 December 2010

Mushroom Tacos in 10 minutes

When I opened the fridge door and beheld a shining box of fresh shiitake mushrooms, I knew I had to figure out the quickest and tastiest way to transfer them to my stomach acids. Thomas and I wanted a little snack, so we whipped these tacos up together in 10 minutes flat.

To make this vegan, substitute Vegenaise or another soy mayonnaise, and do whatever vegan thing you do with the cheese (use a "cheeze" or skip it).

little corn tortillas (only ingredients: corn, lime, water)
fresh lettuce, washed
mushrooms, washed and sliced
sake (rice wine) or other handy wine
cheddar cheese (optional)

1) Sauté the mushrooms in wine until savory and good. Set aside the mushrooms and wipe out the pan.
2) Meanwhile, grate cheese. Tear lettuce into pieces.
3) Heat up tortillas in a dry fry pan until soft on both sides. Remove from heat. Add a dab of mayo, some lettuce, some mushrooms, and some cheese.
4) Return filled tortillas to frypan. Heat until cheese begins to melt or everything seems hot. Put on plate, fold in half, and serve hot.
5) Repeat.
6) Lean back, sigh, and rub your belly in smug satisfaction.

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Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul said...

Hey Sarah,
I LOVE mushrooms, and these sound so tasty.
Thanks for checking out my blog. Stay in touch :)


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