12 January 2011

Hot Tip: Cara Cara Oranges

I just finished the first sixteen hours of my comprehensive exams, and I am beat.

But just to let you know I am still alive, here a Hot Tip.

Cara Cara oranges are in season, and they are a rare treat! Cara Caras look something like blood oranges and they are sold in markets from the West Coast to the East. Get your greedy little hands on them while you can.

My exams finish in a week; possibly I will start cooking again after that, if I survive. Until then, stay goofy!


Elle said...

Oh my gosh, I love cara caras! Must get out to get some, stat! Damn. Wish I had some right now, though!

Sweet And Crumby said...

Have never heard of a Cara Cara orange and now will be on the look out! Thanks! :)

Elle said...

Thanks for the heads up--we picked some up at Trader Joe's this weekend, and will be back for more. SO good!

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