15 October 2010

Durham's Vegan Challenge!

O loyal reader, whoever you are (OK, I'm pretty sure it's my mom), I have some great news. Durham, North Carolina has begun a vegan challenge that runs all October! Read all about it here. In essence, 10 restaurants are competing to create the most mouth-watering vegan dish which does not involve "portabello mushrooms, hummus, veggie burgers or chocolate cake." SMIRK The contest creators are hoping that tastier, more creative vegan options become permanent in many of Durham's most popular restaurants. I hope this too, not because I'm vegan—although I have, accidentally, been eating vegan for three days now—but because I learned from Goddess-Chef Myra Kornfeld's cookbook The Voluptuous Vegan that the most delicious vegan food is actually the same as the most delicious food, period.

Of the participating restaurants, I've previously eaten only at the Federal and Rue Cler. From this vast experience, I'm betting Rue Cler is going to win. Their beignets literally do that melt-in-the-mouth thing I've only otherwise experienced with cheap chocolates. And their salads taste like they grew on your plate. Unfortunately I don't have time or money this October to participate in the contest, but if they make these dishes permanent, some day I hope to try most of them.

Vegan road trip for some of you? Check out the competing dishes here.

More about the Bull City Vegan Challenge:


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