27 October 2012

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The Goofy Family felt quite unwell one morning last week, so I offered to make eggs. For eggs to work effective magic, they have to taste, look, and feel like sunshine with a side of toast. So I looked up  Science Food Man Harold McGee's recommendation for how to make "perfect" scrambled eggs, by which he means tender and moist eggs, safely cooked-through, and with even, fluffy curds. This culmination of eggdom was a lofty goal I had yet to attain. So I followed McGee's instructions. The result? Perfect scrambled eggs, just as McGee had described. George was delighted. I, on the other hand, had to keep reminding myself that eggs could be moist without being underdone. Soon, I am sure, I will become accustomed to the taste of greatness.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Mix the raw egg innards with cream or milk or somesuch. Add some salt and pepper.
Heat up a fry pan on medium low heat. Add butter. When the butter has just started bubbling, pour in the eggs. Cook the eggs on medium low heat, constantly stirring the eggs and scraping the bottom. When the eggs are about ten seconds away from being completely set, scoop them onto the plate (they will continue to set on their own). Serve immediately with nice toast.

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