25 May 2011

Fresh Summer Corn

In North Carolina, sweet white corn has come into season!

I think it was Miss Manners who informed me how rude it is to open corn at the store to check if it's a decent speciment. Other customers don't want pre-opened corn, so by checking invasively you cause the store to lose money. Instead, you can just carefully squeeze the top of the corn to make sure it isn't mushy, and buy 2 extra corn in case anything goes wrong.

Make sure you cook or eat the corn on the same day that you purchase it because just-picked corn tastes the most like juicy summer. Shuck the corn and pick out the corn silk, bring a large pot of salted water to boil, and cook with the lid on for exactly 5 minutes. Serve hot with optional butter.

To make a meal of it, add sides of watermelon or strawberries, fresh cooked beans, and a leafy salad.


Julia said...

Hmmm, is North Carolina corn more tender than Connecticut corn? I always cook mine for exactly 8 minutes. Your meal sounds DELICIOUS!

Sarah said...

I have no idea. I vaguely remembered being told to cook corn for 5 minutes, so I did, and it turned out great. George loved it.

I miss having meals with you!

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