02 March 2011

Potato Rosemary Rolls

At some point, while I was trying to knead the sticky, sticky, sticky dough and simultaneously finger-squish all the embedded mashed potato bits, I wondered if the rolls were going to taste good enough to warrant this heroic effort. My verdict, after tasting them both hot from the oven and cold the next day, is NO. I am not even going to bother giving you the scorned recipe.

But it was worth it to see Gavin's face as for the first time in his life he punched down the dough and then tore off chunks to roll into rough spheres. He was also pretty excited at getting to taste bread hot from the oven for the first time in his life. During this same evening of baking revelations, he picked up one of my measuring cups and—I KID YOU NOT—asked me what it was. !!! Apparently he has reached 30 years of age without ever seeing a measuring cup.

I know what his birthday present is going to be this year.

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