01 February 2011

Vegetable Stew, or How Many Ingredients Can You Leave Out?

This weekend I tried to recreate a stew that George cooked right after Thanksgiving with 3 pounds of random leftover vegetables. The recipe, "Vegetable Curry," came from a cookbook by British chef Rose Elliot called Complete Vegetarian. When George made the stew, he left out the fenugreek because who has fenugreek lying around? Not us! (To me it sounds like a swampy Hellenic herb.) I believe, although I could be wrong, that George also left out the fresh cilantro.

When I made it I further left out a knob of fresh ginger because we didn't have any and we were all too tired to go buy some. Somehow George's version was homey and comforting, while mine tasted strange with a thin texture. Probably he did some other special Cookery Magicke that he forgot to mention.

Anyway, now I am stuck alone with this stew for lunch for a week because cookers keepers, eaters weepers.

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