30 July 2010

Vegetarian Pasta Salad

After the burning humiliation of my fluorescent curry, this quickly improvised pasta salad surprised us both with its improbable tastiness.
"What's this?" asked George, eyeing the casserole dish in the refrigerator.
"It's a special dish I just made," I replied, not meeting his eyes.
George shrugged and started forking pasta salad directly from the serving bowl into his mouth. His complete indifference to the shining ideals of civilization boggles the mind.
"Hey," he said, "this is actually good."
"Really?" I gaped.
"Yes." He continued to assist the influx of tasty bits into his gullet. I retasted the salad an hour later and found it, to be candid, delicious. You should try it.

If you are vegan, scrap the butter and ooze on a bit more oil.
If you are gluten-free, I recommend Tinkyada brown rice pasta instead of whole-wheat pasta.
If you scorn meatless dishes, why don't you just hunt down a buffalo, skin it, and dump it on top? Thanks for stopping by.

Summer Pasta Salad

8 oz. whole wheat pasta, preferably farfalle (bowties)
12 oz. artichoke hearts in oil in a glass jar (no canned artichoke, please), drained and rinsed
1/4 Cup thinly sliced shiso (or minty herb of your choice)
1/4 Cup finely chopped hazelnuts (or nut of your choice)
1 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 Tablespoon sweet cream butter

1. Cook pasta.
2. Drain pasta.
3. Mix pasta with everything else.
4. Chill for at least an hour.
5. Serve cold.


Anonymous said...

looks good except i dislike artichoke. what would you recommend as a substitute?


Sarah said...

Hey Ezmo,

Well, it's hard to replicate the light marinated feathery feel of artichoke. Maybe marinated hearts of palm or marinated asparagus? For the marinade, just make a mixture of lemon or lime juice and olive oil plus a little chopped garlic

Sarah said...

The Irrevent Cook wants to know where to find shiso. If you live near Asians, try a Japanese or Korean market. They probably sell shiso 5 leaves at a time in the refrigerated vegetable section.

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