26 June 2010

Garden Scrambled Egg Sandwich

I amassed quite the haul from my garden picking this morning, so I decided to make some delicious food for the person who deserves it most: me.

a couple of underripe tomatoes, chopped
a hot pepper
basil, washed
garlic, however many cloves you like, smashed
eggs, beaten
2 slices bread (GF okay), toasted
some cheese (feta is good)
fresh ground pepper
optional: everything, plus mayonnaise/Vegenaise and crispy lettuce

1. Put on gloves. Wash and cut up the hot pepper.
2. Heat up a frypan. Add oil.
3. Add the hot pepper. Cook until fragrant
4. Add the tomatoes. Cook a while.
5. Add the garlic. Move everything around.
6. Add however many eggs you like; 2 is reasonable. Cook and move around until they start to set. Grate fresh ground pepper on it.
7. Add cheese chunks.
8. When done, put on toast. (Mayo/ Vegenaise plus lettuce is optional) Add fresh basil on top.
Serves 2 or more.

I found this pretty tasty, and when I asked my opinion on the subject, I agreed with myself. So it's unanimous.

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