08 April 2010

Pickapeppa Sauce

Since moving South, George and I have learned to love Pickapeppa sauce. We cottoned on to its vegan flavor-power when it flared all over my Southern vegetarian cookbook, Cookin' Southern: Vegetarian Style. It tastes like A-1 steak sauce but fruitier with a richer, more complex flavor. Ours contains tamarind, mango, raisins, garlic, and onion among other ingredients. There are a few kinds, all with mango. (It doesn't say it's gluten-free but none of the ingredients are gluten-y.)

Want to give your Mac n' cheese extra depth? Add some Pickapeppa. Do your slow-cooked collards need a darker taste? Add some Pickapeppa and a bit of chopped umeboshi. They're even okay for Passover! One of my favorite Passover meals by George was {random vegetable} + boiled whole baby potatoes sautéed in oil, thyme, and Pickapeppa sauce = Positively Elegant. One of my colleagues even envied me my lunch! On Passover!

So, even if you don't rush out and buy yourself a carton of Pickapeppa sauce, consider the lesson learned: slowly sauteed sweet fruits with aromatics like garlic and onion might make a delicious sauce. It sort of reminds me of the ingredients for tzimmes.


Claryn said...

My old housemate was always known to use Pickapeppa in Bloody Marys instead of Worcestershire sauce. I also like it on popcorn :)

Sarah said...

Oh boy! Now I can go try all those recipes I wanted to try but didn't because they asked for Worcestershire sauce.

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