05 April 2010

Food Photos

For several weeks I have been planning my post about the cheese pasties I made out of the Sundays at Moosewood cookbook, but I still can't post it. Once my neighbor Sally tried one of my pasties, she borrowed and then sort of kept the cookbook. I can't get it back yet since she's basically making all the recipes she can first. She already made rumbledethumps (I tried one, it was good in a cheese-cabbage-potato kind of way) and some sort of soup with kashkaval cheese in it. Long story short, I still don't have the original recipe, although I seriously had to alter it for common sense's sake. So you will have to wait for cheese pasty, probably a month until finals are over on May 7th (barring any extensions, please God!).

Anyway, to console you for having to wait even longer for Cornish turnip-vegetable-cheese turnovers, I am providing you a link to one of my favorite food blogs, The Girl Who Ate Everything. There are a lot of pictures on there, in comparison to my 4 pictures per 100 posts. Also, they are mostly places to eat in Philly and NYC, as opposed to places I eat in Durham, North Carolina, which most people don't pass through. The blogger is not vegetarian, but she knows how to write and take pictures. So while all 1.2 of you are on holiday from my cheese pasties, please enjoy this blog. It has inspired me to plan on someday posting photos of the three places we eat out at: Guglehupf, Twisted Noodle, and Los Comales. Papa John's doesn't count, does it?

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