23 March 2009

Vegan Tacos

I hereby declare my devotion to homestyle inauthentic Mexican cooking. It's fast, it's colorful, and it tastes like party food. But it also tends to throw around shredded cheese like confetti. Some people think eating enormous amounts of cheese is normal—I won't name names, but a Certain Person bought an entire miniature wheel of Brie one week and when it was finished off bought another one the next week. That person's behavior seems like asylum-level insanity to a healthful-eating Puritan like myself. You know who you are, Person.

It's not that I frown upon cheese; I love cheese. If it weren't for cheese, I would go kosher in a flash. But why waste all that fat and salt and carbon footprint and God's Holy Anger on common bland cheese? I like to spend my naughty food points on cheeses like Humboldt Fog, Myzithra, Manchego, Drunken Goat, English Cotswold, Parmeggiano-Reggiano, etc. These are the sort of cheeses that give you a lot of satisfaction for just a little nibble. You feel like a higher class sort of person just for having them in your refrigerator.

Well, I suppose I veered off topic a bit. Back to vegan tacos. These are so delicious that you will forget that you were supposed to put crappy shredded orange cheese on them. And you will feel like you just had a very virtuous, Adonai-approved party.

Vegan Tacos (and gluten-free if you use corn tortillas)

refried vegetarian beans heated up
guacamole (now that we don't live in CA, I use vacuum-packed Haas avacado guacamole)
fresh cilantro
salsa (or hot sauce or both)
spinach or lettuce (optional)
chopped onion (optional)

Heat up tortillas one at a time until soft and toasty in a fry pan. Immediately top with ingredients, eat, and for heaven's sake, try not to make a mess this time.

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