08 March 2009

Puree with Solids

Tonight we had another one of those Puree cooked with Solids meals, Chana Dal being the first one I posted on the blog. This entree was from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, as so many of our meals are. It involved a can of diced tomato plus raw onion pureed in a blender then cooked with curry powder. Near the end you add cubed tofu and peas and top with a garnish of cilantro. I've already mentioned the easy way of draining tofu, but I learned a new technique from Mark Bittman today: how to defrost frozen peas without cooking them. You simply put them in a bowl of cold water and wait a few minutes. How ingenious is that?!

The meal came out really well because George's cousin Lizzie cooked it. Meanwhile I made rice, steamed a head of cauliflower, and washed dishes. Surprisingly George wasn't into this dish, possibly because a few hours earlier he had eaten a large ham and cheese sandwich. George's dad Doug happily ate George's leftovers, so everyone was happy.

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