08 March 2009

How to Drain Tofu

Buy only tofu packed in water. I think medium or firm tend to be best quality in general for almost anything in which the tofu ought to retain its shape.

  1. Drain liquid from tofu package.
  2. Put tofu on a plate.
  3. Put another plate on top of tofu.
  4. Place a heavy object like a can of beans or a bottle of juice on top of the upper plate.
  5. Wait a few minutes, two's probably enough.
  6. Drain out liquid.
  7. Turn plates over.
  8. Place heavy object on top.
  9. Wait a few minutes.
  10. Drain out liquid.
I think people who are patting their tofu dry with paper towels or draining it for a half hour are going beyond the call of duty. If you want to drain even more liquid from your tofu, you can always halve the thickness of the block of tofu before you begin pressing it.

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