18 April 2012

Tea Sandwiches

I've always dreamed of enjoying classy British tea sandwiches in my own home, but I've never yearned for the labor involved. Luckily, my mother made them for me recently, and the little sandwiches looked pretty and tasted pretty too. It's true that the bread could have been of better quality, but for a first attempt, everyone enjoyed them.

Mom bought Pepperidge Farm Very Thin white bread. She cut off the crusts and cut the slices on the diagonal into triangles. Then she toasted all the bread in the broiler. Afterward she spread low-fat cream cheese on all the slices. She topped the bread with either thinly sliced cucumber, thin shavings of nova lox, or thinly sliced figs. Some of the sandwiches ended up being open-faced (pretty, but easier to make a mess) and the others were close-faced. The colors complimented each other well, as if the sandwiches were throwing their own party.

Try it sometime.

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