13 October 2011

No Cooking Lately, plus Hot Mulled Cider

Sorry I haven't been updating lately! My mom visited and cooked a freezer-full of homemade food for me, so I don't need to cook much lately. Hopefully I can get a good plum torte recipe up soon.

In case I haven't posted my Hot Mulled Cider recipe before:

One enormous jug of old-fashioned apple cider (NOT apple juice)
1 stick cinnamon
2-4 whole cloves

The key ingredient here is time.  Pour everything into a big pot, cover, and set over your lowest heat setting for 1.5 to 2 hours. Taste it. It should taste rich and delicious. At this point, you can start serving for a day-long autumn festival, or you can take it off the heat and stick it in the refrigerator. It will taste delicious cold or reheated.

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