08 September 2011

Vegetarian Korean: Kimchi Quesadilla

My odiferous obsession with Korean cooking continues! I have been on a severe Korean craving streak for about a month now. George traveled in South Korea for a week and longs to return, but when he entered the house today he wrinkled his nose and asked "What's that terrible smell?"

"Oh, it's kimchi!" I replied brightly. "I made a kimchi quesadilla." George looked pretty dubious and went to hide in a room with windows and a fan. Probably Koreans don't tend to toast and then microwave their kimchi within the space of ten minutes. But that's what I did because I invented a new dish! A quick Internet search revealed to me that others have also recently invented this dish. One recent traveler to South Korea reported that even in the Birthplace of Kimchi many restaurants are adding mozzarella cheese to various traditional dishes. I am on the CUTTING EDGE. Instead of mozzarella, I used cheddar, and I just think the flavor of a good sharp cheddar holds up better against kimchi. But please do what you want.

I used Napa cabbage kimchi, but maybe radish kimchi would taste even better. And crunchier.

Kimchi Quesadilla

1 flour tortilla or wrap (I used multi-grain whole wheat because I am hard-core)
some slices good sharp cheddar
some fresh cabbage kimchi

Tortilla plus cheese topped with kimchi. The microwave works way better than the toaster because kimchi doesn't respond well to toasting. On the other hand, in the microwave the tortilla gets pretty soft and a big soggy. A midway solution would be to toast the tortilla and cheese, crisp it up nice, then add pre-microwaved hot steaming kimchi and fold the whole thing together.

Oh so good.

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The Stoner Gourmand said...

Thanks! So far I'm loving it here. You should try making KimCheese! I found it in a Hawaiian Cookbook of all places (It was called PuPus to da Max - how could I not buy?) All you do is put kimchi in a food processor to make it small and almost paste-like, then you mix by hand with cream cheese. I think it's a 1:1 ratio. Then you can use it as a hot or cold dip, or a sandwich spread. SO GOOD!

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