20 June 2011

Sad Food News, or How to Fail at Everyday Tasks

  1. Deer ate all 30 of our lettuce heads in one night.
  2. Deer ate most of our cucumber leaves that night too.
  3. Dear ate a lot of our bean leaves as well. Yup, same night.
  4. I saw rabbits in the yard yesterday. Adorable little munching machines.
  5. Although central NC has seen a lot of frightening lightning or wind storms lately, it has not rained in forever. It is quite hot.
  6. The only vegetable producing its heart out in our garden is summer squash, which is the sole vegetable I hate.
  7. I failed to make an appetizing pasta sauce with a tomato sauce base, even though I used a recipe that always works when George makes it.
  8. I have a dentist appointment in a few days, the fear of which inhibits me from drowning my sorrows in chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

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