25 April 2011

Egg and Radish Sandwich

This recipe is unusually simple for a blog post, I grant you. Ever since George harvested radishes from our garden, I've been dreaming about this sandwich. Now that I've managed to make it—despite the kitchen being completely torn apart and the kitchen sink removed—I have to share the recipe with you, my loyal groupie. If you live in a studio with a kitchenette, or you're out camping, or you're moving out, this simple gourmet sandwich is just what Dr. America ordered.

Egg and Radish Sandwich

hard boiled eggs, peeled

1. Either chop the eggs and mix with mayonnaise, or slice the eggs and slather mayo onto the bread.
2. Add sliced radishes to the eggs, top with lettuce, and enclose in a snuggly embrace of bread.

The texture and flavors, while simple, make a counterpoint on the palate. Soft, warm, savory eggs jostle spicy, crunchy radishes, and cool, crinkly lettuce.

If you don't feel like making eggs, I've eaten variations of this with hummus, and I imagine baba ghanouj or a vegan pâté would also substitute successfully.

UPDATE: If you replace the bread with fresh spinach or lettuce, you have a lovely salad on your hands. I am even more addicted to this than the sandwich!

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Veronica said...

This sounds pretty good! I usually don't go for radishes but I'll definitely have to reconsider since the recipe sounds pretty easy to make - thanks :)

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