28 March 2011

Leftover Jam

I've been considering how to eject the three mostly-used jars of leftover jam, jelly, and preserves from my refrigerator so's I can replace them with my new jar of lingonberry preserves from IKEA. Some of the Eurekas I've produced:

  1. Jam Muffins
  2. Mix them with plain yogurt.
  3. For grad student hors d'oeuvres, spread saltines or crackers with different jams. Serve with iced tea and a snooty look.
  4. Spread all 3 of them on pancakes or omelettes and roll them up. This technique I learned from my Disney cookbook when I was in elementary school.
  5. Mix them into the peanut butter.
  6. Taking a cue from Stoner Food, slather them indiscriminately on jelly doughnuts, then chop up the doughnuts into chunks and cook those chunks in pancake batter. Voìla, jelly doughnut pancakes, a.k.a. Health Food. (By the way, Stoner Food, your Post Comments function doesn't work anymore or I would have contributed this idea directly. The same happened to me and I had to change my settings.)

1 comment:

kay said...

7. w/a Cheese Plate
8. Microwaved until melted, then poured over cake, let solidify into a pretty glaze
9. on saltines

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