17 November 2010

Green Eggs, Hold the Ham

Groggy dawns and hard days ahead cry out for eggs. When you crack them into a fry pan, they look like tiny happy suns, and they have a message: we're all a baby chick needs to escape its shell using only its nose—so don't worry, we've got your back.

I made eggs this morning, but this time I didn't have my usual garlic and tomato on hand to liven egg's subtle flavor. Curry powder before 8 a.m. is like an alarm clock ringing in my throat, so I skipped that too. Then I espied some leftover green enchilada sauce in the refrigerator—bingo!

Lately, I've been on a green enchilada sauce craze. I poured it on my spaghetti and used it to dress my bean tacos, but this morning I discovered the real reason the Creator created green enchilada sauce: for frying eggs. Instead of oil, I used green enchilada sauce. I completely bathed the surface of the fry pan in rich verdant goodness, and then I cracked two eggs in and fried them on both sides.

Each mouthful transported me to new heights of savory, comforting Deliciosity. Granted, the eggs developed a weird greyish-green luminescence that didn't exactly call for a photo op, but the taste was—like California Gurls—undeniable. Here is my recipe.

Green Eggs

some green enchilada sauce—canned is super duper
some eggs

Heat a fry pan. Cover the surface with green enchilada sauce. Break some eggs into the sauce. Fry on both sides. Eat hot.

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