15 July 2010


My mother loves fruit salad but hates smoothies. I am the reverse, except with Andy's smoothies because he puts granola in them! How gross is that?!

Yes, many fellows have the unfortunate opinion that smoothies are all about the nutrients or "bulking up," and they pour in protein powder or other bizarre additives like blue-green algae or spirulina or bee pollen. Then they pump iron and flex at themselves in the mirror. That's fine for them, but if food is all about nutrition for you, frankly I don't know why you are reading this blog.

I love smoothies because of their complex, sweet fruity flavor, their creamy cold texture (like milkshakes!), and the ease with which I can make it and then clean my blender. I used to eat a smoothie for lunch every day just because I craved something refreshing.

Everyone's got their own smoothie recipe, but here's mine, if you're interested. I almost never use the optional ingredients but George always does, and he even likes his smoothies without banana.

Frozen or fresh fruit, especially peaches, strawberries, and/or blueberries
1/2 peeled banana (frozen is OK)
yogurt for a fuller, more abrasive texture (optional)
a splash of orange juice to make it more acidic (optional)
Plain soymilk (I use Silk) filled in up to the level of the top of the fruit in the blender

You can also add peanut butter or chocolate syrup! But I almost never do, because I don't own those.

If you use anything frozen, you might have to use the Ice Crush setting on your blender first. After you pour out your smoothie, make sure to rinse out your blender immediately. This precaution will save you (a lot of labor later)(10x fast).

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