02 July 2010

Frozen Pizza Your Way

Tomatoes are flooding into my kitchen (via my garden). As good as they are plain or in sandwiches, I like to have variety in the food I eat. One easy way I use up a lot of vegetables is to buy a frozen cheese pizza, slice up the garden produce, arrange the slices artistically on top of the pizza, and bake according to instructions. Yesterday I took two garden-fresh tomatoes, sliced them to medium thinness, and covered the whole pizza with them. Then I took 5 cloves of very fresh garlic, peeled them, smashed them with the flat of a knife to get the garlicky juices flowing, and after a cursory chopping stuck them in between the tomato slices.

I read somewhere that you can save energy by sticking food in the oven before the preheating finishes. My pizza was supposed to take 8 to 10 mintues, so I stuck it in about 5 minutes early and baked it 12 minutes and it came out perfectly. The pizza was some of the tastiest I had ever eaten, so I highly recommend that you use your garden produce in this way.

I'm sure this brain-bending technique of mine would work equally well on vegan and gluten-free pizzas. Pizza for everyone!

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Hey goofy,
have you ever tried a fresh tomato pasta sauce. I met some guy at Harbin, and he was sautéing tomatoes and olive oil and salt. He did it only lightly, for 20 min or so, much less than regular sauce. At the end he put in a bunch of Parmesan. Instead of being dark red like tomato sauce, it was bright pink-orange. Very pretty, you should try it!

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