29 April 2010

Fresh Lettuce and Komatsuna

You might remember a while back that the first seedlings that sprouted a month ago were lettuce and komatsuna. Well, today we ate the first things from our garden and they were, you guessed it, lettuce and komatsuna. George picked a few leaves for our lunch, and after I thoroughly washed them we nibbled. I expected the fresh lettuces to taste a little better than farmer's market or supermarket lettuce; I was shocked that they tasted roughly ten times better! I hadn't even realized that plain lettuce could achieve such savory deliciousness. The Bibb lettuce tasted buttery, as if it drank salted butter instead of water. The komatsuna had the most delicious stem ever. If you want gourmet food, apparently our backyard is the place to graze.

George said that people recommend picking leaves early in the morning before they have a chance to get bitter, but we picked them around noon and they were fantastic. Some slight bitterness did round out the flavor, I admit, but not in a bad way. Maybe the sun's kiss made the lettuces taste so amazing. Maybe George chose superior varieties. I don't know. All I can conclude is that you should try growing your own lettuce. And komatsuna.

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