02 March 2010

Springtime in the Guest Room

Why was George rushing about excitedly this morning, smiling while he ate his squash and showered? Because the seeds he planted and stuck under a grow light in the guest room are beginning to peek their green keppies above the soil.

The winners of this race are red komatsuna and red lettuce. I have never cooked with red komatsuna, a Japanese leaf that is supposed to taste like a cross between mustard greens and cabbage. I hope I figure something out so that we don't waste all of George's hard work. Readers, do you have any recipes?

Red komatsuna is supposed to go well in broth with agedashi dofu (deep fried tofu in broth). I'm guessing that something with bite will go well with mild-flavored savory fried foods. Also little bits of it, like arugula, might provide a nice contrast in a leafy salad.

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