18 February 2010

I am Sad

I did a little sleuthing yesterday and realized that although The Goofy Gourmet is celebrating its one-year anniversary, no one has ever linked to my blog. I am sad. If you want to confirm this lamentable state of affairs for youself, go to the yahoo search engine and type in link:goofygourmet.blogspot.com. The eight listed backlinks merely stand testament to the ineffectiveness of my promotional efforts on other blogs.

On the bright side, this blog maintains a wide readership from all over the world. (To be honest, I don't have the faintest idea why people in Indonesia or Saudi Arabia would read it). So I will keep on keeping on.

I will leave you with a completely unrelated piece of advice: When buying the brand of Gefen in the Jewish section of your supermarket, restrict yourself to their tasty Passover catsup (it replaces corn syrup with real sugar) because Gefen's whole wheat couscous is quite awful. Also Gefen doesn't even put enough into one box for you to make the recipe on the back. That is lame.

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