31 January 2010

Bananas George

Nothing inspires George as much as my having just finished doing dishes. He wastes no time in laying waste to the kitchen. This time the fruit of his inspiration was a hot, tasty breakfast that I simply had to share with you, O loyal reader. I call it "Bananas George."

Butter up a small fry pan with about a Tablespoon of butter. Cook on low until the butter's foaming has subsided.
Take two bananas you don't feel like eating plain. Peel 'em and stick 'em whole into the butter. Pour two Tablespoons of orange juice over them and sprinkle them with a teaspoon of brown sugar.
Elevate the heat to Medium.
Cover the fry pan with a lid.
Cook the concoction five minutes. Raise the lid, turn over the bananas, and again cover the fry pan.
Cook another five minutes until the the carmelized mixture is nice and coated all over the banana.
Serve hot.

I think this would pair nicely in my mouth with ice cream or yogurt.

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