21 September 2009

Fake Meat For Everyone

It's no secret that I crave fake meat. I CRAVE it. But I know it's a flaw, so thank goodness George knows how to cook fake meat so that it seems like authentic high-quality repast. Recently for breakfast he cooked me up something so delicious and simple that I had to share it with you, my faithful readers. Seitan and peppers are a match in heaven. Seitan IS wheat gluten, so those with the Celiac monster need to move on, nothing to see here. Just so you know, I blanket this dish in chili pepper because I've found that chili pepper and hot tea are the best way to wake up my brain in the morning (not recommended for the sensitive or irritable).

Seitan à la George

1 package traditionally flavored seitan
2 small frying peppers
leftover cold rice, as much as you want
olive oil
low-sodium soy sauce (shoyu)

1. Cut peppers into strips. Chop up seitan into bite-sized chunks.
2. Sauté seitan and peppers in oil until peppers are floppy and seem done.
3. Add rice and some soy sauce for moisture. Cook until you drool.
4. Serve hot.

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