30 April 2009

Edamoccoli Soup

Edamoccoli Soup is the name George gave to his soybean broccoli soup. I'm not going to claim that this soup is delicious; George concocted this swamp-green potion from tired scraps expiring in dark corners of the refrigerator. On a day when we were almost out of food, he wanted to give me something healthy with a lot of folate, something vegan. This soup is indeed vegan. It's the sort of food I used to imagine vegans eating back when I considered pepperoni pizza and cheeseburgers proof of the existence of God. I was down with a double helping of spring allergies and a cold, and I asked George to make me soup. He did, and so far I've had four servings. He hasn't had any.

I'm not sure exactly what went into this soup. George told me it involved broccoli, vegetable broth, and lime juice. The edamame were cooked until tender, 2 beans per spoonful on average. Imagine a puréed broccoli soup without cream or fat and with unsalted edamames all over it. That is the soup. He made it out of love, I ate it out of love.

But I added a lot of salt and pepper.

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