12 March 2009


Burritos are challenging to screw up, which is one reason that I love them. The most basic burritos are simply beans, rice, and salsa mixed up in a tortilla, but you can get pretty fancy without much effort. The ones I prepared this evening (that no one has eaten because for some reason no one is home by 8:40 p.m.), are simply a line of bowl with various optional fillings. People can also choose whether to have flour tortillas or smaller corn tortillas. Flour tortillas are tricky because most of them have partially hydrogenated oil in them, which is quite awful for your body, but I found some without that. For fillings, and some of them are weird, I'll grant you that, I have:
  • cubed tofu sauteed in broth with turmeric (I like the yellow color)
  • drained and rinsed canned kidney beans
  • guacamole
  • salsa
  • cilantro
  • Chinese garlic chives (picked up at the Hong Kong grocery)
  • brown rice sauteed with broth, onion, garlic, cumin, and Chinese chives
This is actually quite healthy, and depending on how many fillings you prepare, you can mix and match for days. To make it gluten-free, just use corn tortillas. I had a burrito with all the fillings, and I'll admit that the Chinese chives were a little strong (picture above). I hope other people like it.

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